How to Know if Your Football Ticket is a Fake?

Almost everyone has a story or knows someone that fall victim to buying something that is counterfeit, especially tickets to football matches sold online. If it still did not happen to you (fortunately) and you have no experience yet on how to deal with bogus sellers and online trolls, being vigilant and wary about checking the authenticity of the seller and ticket would save you money and unwarranted stress.

Check the Payment Methods

Even if it is your first-time buying football tickets online, chances are you still have experience or a little knowledge when it comes to online shopping. Same goes for buying football tickets. You have to check the payment methods. If there is something fishy about payment like the seller asking you to buy them gift cards of the equivalent amount of the ticket, be dubious. Legitimate payment methods usually include paying via PayPal, Amazon, Paytm, Google Wallet, Movo Cash and other eCommerce payment systems that are used worldwide. If the payment method is something that you are not familiar with, it would not hurt to do your research first.

Check the Spelling

This might sound trivial or something funny, but scammers often overlook small details. Chances are, there are fans who are so excited to be able to buy tickets to a sold-out match or a seat near the field at a much cheaper price than they forget to read and check the ticket in its entirety. If you are thorough, you would be able to see if there are any spelling mistakes on the ticket. If the ticket is authentic AFL tickets 2019, there is no chance they would misspell “football” or “league” or the name of the stadium where the match would be held. Check also other details such as the seat and row number. If your ticket does not have these, there is a high possibility that the ticket is a fake.

Check the Seller’s Details

One of the telltale signs that the ticket is a fake is if it’s missing the seller’s details. If there are no contact details and address for the seller and for the obvious reason of hiding from disgruntled “customers”, do not buy football tickets from this seller. The “About Us” section is another thing that you must look out for. If this link is missing or the content regarding the seller (when the company started, trade license, etc.) is sketchy, look for other ticket vendors. 

Check The Site if it is Secured

If you are paying via credit card, make sure that the site is secured. You could check this by looking at the URL. There should be an “s” after “http” and you should also see a lock symbol at the browser’s taskbar indicating that the site is secured. If the transaction redirected you to an unsecured site, don’t provide any financial details.

Determining if the site is that of a con is easy if you would just pay attention to little things. It is better to be safe than sorry afterwards.

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