Things to Keep In Mind When Filling Out the Singapore PR

Applying for a permanent residency in another country is both exciting and challenging. There are so many things you should be aware of before applying. When it comes to the Singapore PR, it is no different. So, to help you out with the process and to ease the burden off you a bit, we got something that you need to consider about and do throughout the whole application.


Pros and cons

Let’s start with the basics. Before coming to the final decision of settling in, you need to be very thorough with your commitment. So, start off by going through what the country offers and what it doesn’t. Singapore has a well-developed economy, infrastructure and a great political stability. It is place where you can settle with your family to start a new adventure. They are very considerate about their citizens that they provide so many facilities including a great education system, healthcare, employment and even a better pension system. But the drawback is that they do not allow dual citizenship at the present. So before jumping into the conclusion, you might want to want to take this into your consideration. This is just a basic thing. So research more before you fill out Singapore PR applications.


Next thing you might want to consider about will be your eligibility to apply for this citizenship. General criteria includes,

  • A person with a married partner who is a citizen of Singapore or a PR
  • A person with unmarried children who are below the age of 21 years
  • Aged parents of a Singapore citizen
  • Entrepreneurs or investors who have met with the criteria of eligibility under the GIP (Global Investor Program , launched by the Economic Development Board of Singapore)

If you come under either one of these categories there is a higher chance of your PR being approved. In addition, there might be other eligible criteria that you can pass.


Let’s not forget about this factor. This plays a vital role in your application. Apart from the filled out application (go through it thoroughly before submission) you need to supply supporting documents as well.  Some of these crucial documents includes your educational as well as your professional qualifications, travel documents, work passes, tax notices and more. All these documents must be in English. If not it is important for it to be translated before you hand it over. When it comes to submitting the necessary forms and papers, you need to book an appointment prior to going in. Also, these applications need to be submitted in person.


Applying for a PR in Singapore might not be that easy. But it will be a great journey.







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